Please add Magic 108 Radio & Kool 95

Hi, I will appreciate if Magic 108 Radio & & Kool 95 can be added.


Hello @Gokce_Yildirim , welcome.

We used to have these. Magic108 became Kool95 after it was A-1 Mix Radio.

Unfortunately, it, or they, are now offline. A shame, because they had flac streams.

If you search for flac you can see what stations we have that do stream hires.

Hi Brian… thats strange as I do have Magic108 on the Naim app of my Naim Nova and it is streaming as Magic108

Strange indeed. Their website (in whatever incarnation) doesn’t seem to exist and I can’t find a stream anywhere.
Could you find out the URL that Naim is using?

You’re right… I also could not track any source in web that streams Magic 108. This is strange. I am not able to see the source link on Naim’s app but here are the screen pics. Maybe some other channel is streaming under Magic 108 name…

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