Please add more Concertzender theme channels

The default Concertzender, Jazz and Jazznotjazz are already in Roon, but I’d also love to see the following thematic channels in Roon:

Klassieke Muziek:

Oude Muziek:




Utrecht Muziek:

Nieuwe Muziek:

Geen dag zonder Bach:

Hard Bop:



De Gehoorde Stilte:

Oriënt Express:



Solta a Franga:

November Music:

De Muzikant:

Folk it!:



Ok, it’ll take a while though…

For some reason, Klassieke Muziek had already been done by someone, but not published. I’ve now added that.

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I’ve done about half so far.
I’m finding it difficult to assign music genres to some:
Utrecht Muziek
Nieuwe Muziek
Raakvlakken (which is where I’ve got to)

Classical seems a bit broad.
Looking ahead, I foresee further troublesome ones. Would you care to assign some genres for me?

And thank you very much for providing the streams.

It’s hard to categorize them, hope this helps :sweat_smile:

Utrecht Muziek is music recorded in Utrecht: jazz, classical, world, pop, electronic, …

Nieuwe Muziek (new music), same: jazz, classical, world, pop, electronic, …

Raakvlakken (common ground) are things like film music, female composers, …

Radiophonics -> sound art, avant garde, experimental

De Muziekant -> amateur music

November music: jazz, classical, …

Folk it! -> folk :wink:

Filmmuziek -> film music :wink:

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That’s what I thought.

Wonderful! I’ll try and finish off tomorrow.

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Gregoriaans -> Gregorian Music, so probably classical is the Roon category.

And here is a better image for the main Concertzender channel.

Done. Thank you.

Sorry, somehow the image got a grey background… here is the right one.

Changed. Any better?

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Perfect! Thanks!!!

All done, I think. As we thought, assigning Roon genres was a bit hit and miss, but I’ve done something for each.

Anyway, they all have streams now.
If you could give it a quick check please?

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I think it’s good the way you categorized them. Thanks a lot!

And maybe someone will chime in to help with the genres…

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