Please add Mother Earth Radio

Please add Mother Earth Radio. Eclectic Genre. Worldwide Availability. Flac, 2700kbps, 96kHz.

Thank you
Neil Bloomer

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Done. Is language English or German? Does it carry adverts?

And thanks very much for finding a new Flac station!

Thank you Brian, much appreciated. As far as I know from my brief listening at a friend’s place before Covid, it is ad free and I don’t recall any presenter input. I tried it this morning and it sounds really good through my Chord M Scaler / Chord Dave combo but cuts out at the end of each track with a message about it being temporarily unavailable or the address has changed, although clicking “play” restarts it. Is there anything I need to do at my end with the settings? The same friend is sending me a list of more CD quality and above radio stations he has tied and I will pass on any recommendations not already on Roon.

That’s really interesting. I had looked at the stream and there seemed to be a wrinkle to it that I didn’t understand. I wonder if this is connected?

I’ll explore further.

I look forward to receiving recommendations for flac stations from your friend. Thank you.

Thank you Brian. You don’t get many radio stations playing Schubert, Tom Waits, Judy Garland, The Beatles, Unknown Hip Hop and German Americana in the same brief slot. Great stuff.

Hope you can resolve the “wrinkle”

All the best

It may be why VLC for instance gets the metadata wrong after the first track. There is a parameter missing in the header information.

Is there any solution that Roon can initiate?

I guess one of us could contact Mother Earth, but for myself, I’d like to get a Roon dev to check if my wrinkle idea is correct first. I’ll be letting them know.

Great Brian. I’ll watch this space. Thanks.

Mother Earth have changed their server. Everything should now be OK.

Thanks Brian for the update.

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