Please add “Radio 105 classics” playing music of the 60s, 70s and 80s

Hello, new Roon user here.

Please add the following radio station:

Ieri una frequenza di culto in FM, oggi l’unica e inimitabile web radio “vintage” con tutto il meglio della musica d’annata. Successi senza tempo, canzoni leggendarie e rarità interpretati dai giganti del music-biz, nel Bel Paese e nel resto del mondo, dagli Sessanta alla fine degli anni Ottanta.

Thank you.

Hello @AlBohr , I’ve added Radio 105 Classics for you. Please check if OK. Does it carry advertising?

Thank you very much Brian, that was quick!
I can confirm no advertising.

I cannot hear the AAC streaming but likely a temporary issue, no problem.

I’m not sure if this is the right thread to ask, but would it be possible in future Roon releases to be able to copy and paste the songs info displayed in Roon when playing a radio stream?

Screenshot roon radio

Thanks again.

That’s wierd. You’re right - it’s transmitting a quiet stream which nevertheless has metadata. I’ll monitor for a while and perhaps remove it if it doesn’t work.

Re your request - best to open a thread in #roon:feature-suggestions

Great. Thanks. I’ll put there my request.

The .aac has been transmitting silence each day I’ve checked. I’ll unlist that stream for the time being.

OK, thanks

The .aac stream started this morning. I’ve added it back again.

:+1: thanks