Please add Radio Mirchi

Good day.

Please would be so kind as to add the following Radio stations if possible- I was unable to do so manually on My Live Radio?

Radio Mirchi Indies - Listen to Mirchi Edge - Independent Music | Radio Mirchi – Online Radio Station
Radio Meethi Mirchi - Latest Bollywood Songs | New Bollywood movie songs | Bollywood Melodies - Radio Mirchi

I will greatly appreciate your assistance.
Thank you.

Hello @Jheetesh_Komal , I’m sorry but I haven’t been able to add either station. Their streams have access controls which would prevent us from adding the stations, and in any case they use a .m3u8 stream consisting of chunked .ts segments and Roon can’t handle those.

I haven’t been able to find any alternative streams.

Hi Brian, thanks for trying - I appreciate your help. :blush:

Hello again @Jheetesh_Komal , with the latest Roon update, I have been able to add Radio Meethi Mirchi and Radio Mirchi Indies.

Please check if OK.

Hi Brian.
You’re a star!
Unfortunately, I live in Durban, South Africa and we were hit by terrible storms and my town has no internet connection or water.
I’ll check as soon as we’re back online.
I appreciate your assistance and the fact that you guys didn’t file away my request in the basement only to be forgotten.
Great service!

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