Please add Radio Nowy Swiat from Poland

Hi there

Can you add a new internet radio station? please.

This new radio will start live on 10 July 2020. Now the voice only counts down the days till start.

Station name is: Radio Nowy Świat ( as the letter Ś is specific to Polish alphabet you can use name Radio Nowy Swiat insted).

Country: Poland but no location restrictions.

No advertising as financed by crowdfunding.


Direct stream link:


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Done. I’ve added it as Radio Nowy Swiat as you suggested, but really I’d like to use the correct name. There are two ways I can do this after changing to the correct name:

  1. I can add the English words somewhere in the polish description (your help please)
  2. I can add a keyword “Nowy Swiat”.

Searches using the English form will then work.

Over to you.

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Thank you very much.

It’s ok now - leave it.


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