Please add Remove from playlist in Full Screen

When you click the dots on a song in a playlist you can select to remove it, but if you enter full screen mode and try the same, the feature is not there.
This defeats the purpose of the excellent full screen feature I think, since I have to shift in and out of full screen to be able to remove a track. Seems like an oversight which would be an easy fix.

Is the full screen mode you are talking about just “maximizing” the Roon Screen to fill the computer screen?
If so, I still seen “Remove from Playlist” in my windows 10 remote:

What OS are you seeing this on?

No I mean when you display the song in full screen. Sorry.
Win 10.

From Playlist:
Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 18.23.42
From song full screen:

From queue (no remove):

Yes so it seems like the song full screen menu is pretty crippled for some reason. It’s a shame since I’d like to stay in that view.

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Maybe I am missing something but,
In @Traian_Boldea screen shot of the Queue there is a “remove from Queue” (which you are viewing, i.s “the Queue”) so no issues there. And there is a “remove from Playlist” when in the playlist view, so also no issues.

And as far as any kind of “remove” when looking at a song full screen, what exactly would you be removing it from? When in fullscreen of the song you are only looking at the song itself so you can’t “remove” it from itself. You would need to be looking in (or at the level of) the queue or the playlist to be able to remove anything for either of those areas.

Looks like the menu is screen dependant. I get your logic but maybe someone it is removing from playlist while in full screen view of that track… I have always wanted customisable menus. Somethings are there but to few. For example I would like the home page to show first a box with most used, last used tags and bookmarks.

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Yep, I could see this working if each track “knew” and showed what playlist(s) it was in, so when you click “Remove from playlist” it gave you a selection of playlists to remove the track from. (Or even the queue)

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I’m speaking of removing it from the current playlist, which is available in the playlist view.

And you can (or should be able) to do that using the three dots the the right of the track, When in playlist view.
Below the “playlist” is “test Tracks”

But, if you click on the track in the playlist it actually takes you to the album and out of the playlist.

Can you give us screen shots of what you are seeing? and doing?

looks like that is not the case, that is why I do not use playlist but tags :slight_smile: I was looking at the Tracks section, but did not find “list playlist” for a track, maybe I’m wrong.

it does take me to the album only if I click on the album, or takes me to the artist if I click on the artist

for the track it should get me to the composition but it just gives me the play menu

That’s why I said “if” the track knew, Which it does not. At least not forward and backward. Or exposed to other view pints.

For me it takes me to the album and highlights the track in question (in grey for me).

I know that it is why you said “if” and it makes sense but than again it should know it is a database… Anyway get way beyond my knowledge :slight_smile:

I’ll try again… with screenshots

If I click on the track I get the play menu
If I click on the album name it gets me to that album with the selected track in grey

yep, that was what i was going to say, also. The upshot of all this is that it navigates away from the playlist or queue when you click on these, which is why the “remove from xxxx” is not available.

I should mention that it takes me to the album when I click on the album art ion the playlist.

I get the “play” options if I click on the track name:

And it takes me to the Artist page when I click on the Artist name in blue:

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Now if I was to use Playlists, not having a link to the composition, I would miss that… looks like there is not one