Please add Slovak public radio stations

Please add Slovak public radio stations. Oficial website:
Mainly “Radio Slovensko” which is main station.

There is a list of Slovak radio stations with streams:
Most popular and worth adding too are: Fun Radio, Radio Antena Rock, Radio Expres, Europa 2, Kiss Radio, Radio Kosice, Radio Regina Vychod, Radio Vlna, Radio Viva, Radio Jemne, SKY Radio.

I’ve added Radio Slovensko, please check. I’ll add the others as I get time.
I assume as these stations are state owned that they do not carry advertising? Is that correct?

I confirm that Radio Slovensko is working now. Thanks.

Slovak Radio as nationwide public radio broadcaster is allowed to fill up to 3% of its broadcast time with advertising. So none of their stations are completely ad-free. But there are not many ads.

Thanks. I’ll change the info.

I’ve also added Fun and Antena.

I’ve done all the ones you listed. Please check.

Great, now Slovakia air is covered in Roon :-). Just small typo in station name: Radio Vlna, not Radio Vina.

Btw there is also Radio Viva. Can you add this too, please?

Thanks for spotting. I’ll fix that and add Viva.

Viva added. All ok?

Perfect, everything is now on place. Just one last detail: Viva is local station.

I’ve added the keyword local, which we use to describe stations predominantly catering to the local populace. Is that what you mean?

Hello, I meant to put this station in Local Stations (in Slovakia location).

It’s in Bratislava, where should it be?

In the section Slovakia->Local Stations there are: Kiss Radio, SKY Radio, Radio Regina Vychod, Radio Kosice, which is correct as they are all local FM stations not nationwide.

Likewise Radio Viva should be in Local Stations too as it covers only part of the country. And yes, it is based in Bratislava.

Kiss, Regina, and Kosice are all based in Košice, and SKY is in Prešov. All other stations are in Bratislava. It is the lat/long of these that determines how local they are to you not whether the station deems itself to be local or national.

Now Viva has the co-ordinates of Bratislava, so should appear with those others. Perhaps resync Roon and see if that helps.

OK, I didn’t know this is based on my location. So now it is all OK. Thanks for great support!