Please add The Lot Radio! Electro and crate diggin' paradise, a must listen!

Dear Roon team,

If technically possible, please add The Lot Radio to the Live Radio portfolio.



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It’s already there as The Lot Radio. Can’t you find it?

Great music, thanks for highlighting this station!

Oh there it is! Great, thx Brian! I tried to look for it in the search box but it doesn’t work with the radio station apparently.

Make sure to log in their website Brian, as they have a video feed of their broadcast, most of them are live.

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Strange, it does for me. I’ve just searched for “lot radio” and got 5 results, it was number 3.
Radio results are right at the end of the search results, unless you’re actually in the Live Radio area to start with.

Wow! They use real 45s