Please add Tokfm

please add polish station,0.html

Thanks for help.

Regards Marcin

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Done, please check

(Thank you to an unknown curator who had done most of work already)

Cześć Marcin

Cześć Maxxim_M

I don’t see tokfm

Two words. Tok FM. Just search for “tok”

Should it be one word? Website uses two words in its discussion.

Superb Thanks BrianW

Wen I using Roon in MacBook is ok. But I using app Roon to control Roon serwer I don’t see Tok fm.
Correctly should be one word.

Ok, you’re the local expert - one word it is: Tokfm

As for not finding it with your app, but you do with the Mac, I don’t know. Try a reboot.

PS As the word TOK appears as a separate word in the station description, a search on that should still work.

All work correctly. Thank you BrianW.

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