Please add WWNO HD3 Jazz Station

WWNO HD3 Jazz Station…broadcasting from New Orleans

Done, but annoyingly Roon won’t accept your stream - I think something goes wrong with the handshakes.
In the meantime I’ve added a working stream but it starts with 9 secs of NPR promotion.

I’ll keep trying

Where did your link come from?

Found a good aac stream. No preliminary stuff

What do you like about WWNO vs WWOZ?

WWNO HD 3 is strictly jazz…

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.I really dig WWOZ

OZ is good, offering a broad cross section of music, not all jazz though…

Hi Martyn, is WWNO working OK?

Hi @Martyn_Lucas, just checking. Is this station OK for you? If so I can close the thread.