Please allow us to revert to 1.7

I think I am in a similar situation to many. 1.7 worked wonderfully for me. I was happy. I recommended Roon to friends and family. Now, my system is in limbo, and I may have to leave Roon. Noris and Dylan are still working on it (or they may have stopped working on it, I don’t know) or we may come to an agreement. What I do know and can empathize with is that they’re busy, and my issue may not be the most important thing on their plate. However, I’ve been w/o my music (the way I want it) for 3 days and I’ve spent another 5+ hours of my time trying to get things fixed to no avail. I am going through the 5 stages and can’t get past anger and bargaining. I lost at least 10s if not close to a 100 hours of work (potentially if they can’t help me with a fix).

I’ve seen others ask, but I have not seen an official answer from anyone in @support.

Can we PLEASE go back to 1.7 until you get 1.8 ready for prime time? I really don’t want to move to another solution, since I’ve invested so much time in Roon. 1.8 just does not work.

I’d like to see a simple official answer. If I’ve missed it, then apologies for a duplicate post.


For me NOT.
1.8 is definitely better for me.

So, what the hell do we do now…

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Wonderful news that 1.8 works for you. I hope it does for me at some point.

Until that time, I hope you can happily run 1.8, while some of us can go back to 1.7 temporarily until Roon gets it sorted.

Lucky 1.8 user. 1.8 has destroyed Roon for me. See my support post. 1.7 was amazingly solid.


Downgrading is not really an option, so either embrace it, or leave it. I’ve found consolation in Audirvana, perhaps after an update or two, Roon will be more appealing again.

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@mikeb. I wish I could embrace it. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that the update broke my system. It’s not a matter of preference. I am hoping they’ll let me (and perhaps some others) try and see if 1.7 will work. It’s either that or I’ll need to spend possibly a minimum of 50 hours re-creating all the work I lost, I am hoping they can fix it for me, or that we’ll work something out due to their error and my time lost. If not, I’ll drop it and use something else. As mentioned, they are trying to work on it, but as yet, no solution. I know their team is likely slammed with this release. If I’m them, I’d do the same thing. Allocate the resources where they can help the most people. They’ve said my issue is very rare. So, my guess is that it’s less likely to get immediate resources. They may not even be able to fix it. I’m not an expert. I just want to be able to try 1.7 again to see if that allows me to use Roon with all my previous work until they can get around to my issue.

Hi there are a few historical posts on here from Roon @admin but basically they all refer to this statement…

I see you have a separate #support topic, I’ll reminded Roon you’re waiting on a response.

I hope they get you up and running promptly.


Thank you very much. I don’t want to put extra pressure on them. I’ve been in their shoes. It’s never great when things don’t go to plan, but I’m hoping their response to the situation will show the character of Roon as a company and community I’ve come to love. If not, then we can part ways. I told Dylan that I can’t just accept rebuilding all my work w/o some help or consideration from Roon. The primary reason Roon became my primary library manager was its ability to deal with large local libraries. I know that streaming etc. is important for the future. I like it too, and I have some massive Qobuz playlists too, but I need my local libraries and playlists back. Also, all my DSP etc will take a while to re-create along with re-doing all my zones. Starting from scratch would be a relatively massive undertaking for me.

I agree with you and I think it’s a fantastic solution to all of Roon’s issue now if they allowed a Roon 1.7 rollback button, until of course they sorted out the 1.8 issues.

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I’m finished with Roon 1.8. The hype made me think it was going to be something great. But it is worse than 1.7

I want to revert to 1.7 or my money is wasted.


Let me make one thing clear to start off with - I appreciate Roon, and will continue to support them with my subscription. If you want to simply bash Roon, please go into your bedroom, yell into a pillow, and keep your negativity to yourself. I don’t want to see this thread hijacked…

I agree with the OP - Let’s gather support to “petition” the Roon devs to allow a regression back to 1.7 - at least until some of these issues are resolved. From what I can tell, there are several bugs that are causing people to not be able to use Roon for playback at all. Personally, I cannot select my DAC as a playback device on both my Roon cores, so I’m dead in the water. Aside from the technical failures, I personally see several areas where 1.8 is a step down from 1.7 in terms of UI layout and functionality, and it seems others agree.

Yes, I would be all for the ability to roll back to 1.7 - 1.8 continues to be a UI and feature lacking update. As one other poster noted, the ‘fun’ with the software is gone.

I just saw a Darko youtube vid, with 1.7 on an iPad… reminded me how good it looked, and worked.

In terms of interface I generally like 1.8 a lot more. If they just would‘nt have released it with all those broken functionalities and degradation in library management…

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