Please allow zoom for images in iPad

Loving Roon remote on the iPad pro 12.9". The first issue I have come across however - you cannot pinch to zoom in & out on the album art images. This is a pretty universal gesture on the iPad so I don’t know why this isn’t possible. Even with all that real estate, some liner notes are pretty small and a zoom function is required.


There are a lot of Apple features that aren’t enabled, sad to say. These seem to be the compromises that accompany a cross-platform app. And perhaps we wouldn’t see a Roon unless the coding could be standardized as such.

That said, I feel your pain.

It’s not enabled on Android either. I have asked for this as well. Particularly bad when the back cover art is from original vinyl, particularly jazz. Lot’s of good information, but I have to switch over to a different app to be able to read it.

Zooming would be nice on windows and osx as well.

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@dylan I’m surprised more people have not commented on this. Here’s a great example of where being able to zoom would help a ton in the enjoyment of my music experience. Can we change the title to allowing zoom in general across apps and OSs?

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