Please bring back the supported rate display

@support , In version 1.4, we can go to settings > audio>device setup. If one click the exclusive mode, we can see the range of supported sampling rate the DAC can support, but now it is gone…

Any reason why this is taken away? This is a piece of important information which can help us to troubleshoot and diagnose issues. Please put it back!

This is what in version 1.4 looks like but no longer exist in 1.5!


Hi Guy,

The removal of supported rates was intended so I have moved this thread to Feature Requests for further discussion.

The reason for removal is because the information in that display was viewed as not necessary for Device Setup, which has been redesigned from the ground up for greater simplicity and ease of use, particularly for inexperienced users. The devs acknowledge, however, that the information is useful for troubleshooting etc. and it may reappear (not necessarily the same display) in another place where DAC info is found.

It would help the devs to know how you used the information and the types of situations where it was helpful. Suggestions about where you would like to see it might also assist.

If you don’t even know what is maximum supported sampling rate your DAC, how can one engage DSP up-sampling to its maximum capability? Guess what, one have to do the ‘try and error’ method?

Why would you buy a DAC without knowing its capabilities? Wouldn’t the manufacturer have that information available on there website or support page?

I found it useful for comparing what I knew about the DAC’s capability and what Roon reported via Windows drivers. It also gives info about rates that could work by displaying them in yellow prompting me to change the config to turn them green. That said, since 1.5 both DACs used so far were detected and correctly treated by Roon. It remains to be seen if that removes the need for the missing information completely.


The yellow/green changes were the main purpose of this display when it first appeared in the mad flurry of development immediately following release in 2015. The idea was that users could check if a DAC capability (yellow) wasn’t configured in Roon properly and see it turn green when it was.

Now that Roon is expected to auto-configure to a much greater extent Device Setup has had a root and branch redesign, applying design principles which favour simplicity.

Like some other troubleshooters, however, I found this display a very helpful indication of what the DAC was reporting back to Roon. A red capability where it should have been at least yellow might prompt a look at the firmware on the DAC etc.

I also liked the look of the display because, let’s face it, I’m a shocking geek who enjoys synthesiser panels and flight simulator cockpits. My favourite part of Roon, even though I don’t use it much, is the PEQ. I even know what the HQ Player settings mean. It’s a lonely existence.

So I’d like to see the display return, tucked away somewhere that it can’t scare folks.


That’s so sad Andy.

I’m the same :tired_face:



I’ll quote that when family members call me a Geek. I’m not the geekiest!

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Brilliant! :rofl:

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I aspire to know what the HQ Player settings mean :crazy_face:


I also would like to see the display reinstantiated.

I use a NUC running ROC as one of my endpoints. It is connected via HDMI to my pre/pro. Nominally, the display shows sample rates up through 192 as green. Every once in a Blue Moon the HDMI connection becomes corrupted/non-responsive. When this happens, the display only shows sample rates of 44.1 and 48 as green. This tells me that I need to reboot the NUC to reestablish the HDMI connection.

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That information is not always correct. I have found discrepancy in some of the reviews I have done. Some are curious like one sample rate missing.

I didn’t know you guys had removed this. :frowning: I use and post that information in just about all of my USB DAC review and measurements on Audio Science Review to show what is or is not supported in reality. So I like to add my voice to bring it back.

Another step back was not being able to force a refresh and see all the devices by clicking on currently supported audio device. Now I have to go into setup, select audio and then see that.

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Add me to the list that found this info highly useful. Nvidia driver updates (plus CUDA components sometimes bork it as well) reset my devices and it was an easy way to check. I liked having that info at hand as well.

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Don’t want to sound ungeek (I know not a word) but what is the purpose of HQ Player? I see it on the screen when I’m enabling roon for my sms-200.


HQ Player is an upsampling multichannel audio player from Signalyst with a wide variety of filters and modulators. Roon can treat HQ Player as an Output and send it an audio signal.

Thanks Andrew. I guess I have some investigating to do.