Please bring back track tags being visible

Can you please bring back being able to see the track tags under each track, along with the indication of which playlist that particular track is in? It is one of the most popular complaints since the release of 1.8 but I don’t see a request to bring it back so here it is (sorry if I missed it already being here). A lot of users used track tags to implement features that Roon does not have, such as track level star-ratings. Having the ability to use ROONTRACKTAGs in an outside tag editor was crucial for adding tags to multiple tracks at once. What is the point of them if you can’t see them? How are you supposed to know if you have even tagged that particular track with something if you can’t see it?

I suggest that everyone who wants this back makes a comment to show how many users want this back.



Yes…please restore the tag and playlist functionality as it was in the previous version! Tags are literally the reason I bought Roon. Now they’re effective gone - Roon is unusable to me now :frowning:


I have to agree. I had thousands of songs tagged in various playlists, which allowed me to scroll through quickly and play the ones I wanted, as well as create new playlists (based on the rating I gave: empty heart, filled heart, circle with a diagonal line through it, etc). I use these functions more than anything else. Please make this visible again, without having to tap the 3 dots for every song!


Yea please. Definite need here.


Posted this on Facebook, on the topic “Roon 1.8 - where can I see tags & playlists for a track?” where over 100 people have requested a fix, now I’m told need to post it here:

Why do the tracks in 1.8 no longer display the info of what playlist they are in. It used to show up, including if was in multiple playlists??? I am missing a new setting?

Also, the display to my Chromecast is working, then hanging up and then acting crazy with artist picture not pulling, just a blurred out background.

Lifetime subscriber, feeling a bit frustrated but hoping these things get resolved. Thank you


The entire tagging scheme that came with 1.8 needs to be re-thought. I don’t think that the developers realized how badly they were messing things up.

I’m sure that they are currently prioritizing operability issues, but ASAP this needs to be fixed.


I agree 1000%. Tagging was a major feature in 1.7. I invested massive effort in tagging my albums AND tracks. Now those track tags are burried in the tag browser and basically useless. Please please bring back the 1.7 style tagging. Thank you.


Agree completely with all the above comments as well.

This was totally unexpected, and ill-advised. It makes me question the judgment of the product’s decision makers.

After lurking casually for the last couple years, this feature reversion is what’s finally inspired me to make my first post on the forum. From now on, I’ll be sure to be less reticent when there are changes or potential changes to Roon that I strongly disagree with.


I really like 1.8 in general. Compliments are definitely due to the Roon team. However, I have to add my voice to all the other users complaining about the tagging and playlists functionality in 1.8. This is a deal breaker - if I had the chance to revert to 1.7 I’d do it in a heartbeat just for this. I put a lot of thought and work into both playlists and tagging and this is far and away the biggest problem with the new version for me. Please fix this, and quickly.


I can add my voice to this one. In terms of how I use Roon, the loss of the visibility of tags for individual tracks is a major step backwards. As @AnimalOnDrums mentions above, these tags serve for many as a workaround for the lack of provision in Roon for individual track ratings and similar. Now even the workaround is gone!


Although it feels weird we need a feature request for something what we had, hereby my support.

Removing information (tags, playlists, ratings) & functionality in favor of a clean interface is the wrong direction.
In terms of usability Roon unfortunately has shown in the past I often need too many clicks to get what I want. Removing this is not going to help, on the contrary.

This kind of simplification suits Spotify or other music / streaming services, please don’t take this road Roon.

Overall I appreciate & love the new look and I think it is a good fundament for the future, but I am also afraid about upcoming releases.
If this is not addressed properly because Roon doesn’t have the users in mind (in this case), what else what we use is on the list for simplification and modification?
All meticulous efforts in tagging flushed down the sink this way.

Please show tag & playlist information in tracks.


You have problems caused by a design that does not respect users and popular features. Modern design makes it easier to use an application, it doesn’t make it harder. Undo your mistakes. As soon as possible!


Same opinion here. I love my Roon, but I need this functionality returned.


Yes, please restore track tags.


+1. I rather see this as a bug!


+1. Many tags have been stored at track level.


I also add my voice here. This is urgent!


Thank you thank you thank you. This is really the only drawback I’ve found in 1.8. All the rest of the changes I think are solid. This one just happens to be critically important.


+1 yes, please

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