Please don't laugh at me ;-) updated with Logitech old stuff

good morning, everybody

I just want to share my acknowledge to Roon team for allow both sides of the curve of audio gear, from the very hype to the most classical

Until one month ago or so I was using on the bedroom a Squeezebox Duet but, as long as the superb color screen remote was useless at all, I decided to sell it and bought a Logitech Squeezebox Classic brand new. Brand new means that I did the unboxing from zero, an equipment never used.

And just a week ago I found a cheap Logitech Squeezebox Radio, better for me than the cellphone for my occasional needs of a portable music equipment.

And the funny thing is how smooth it was to connect to Roon server and start listening to music.

One of those days I will find a Transporter :grinning: and the family will be near to complete.

At this point I have not used the 1st gen of Squeezebox Classic, the Boom (same a Radio but stereo) and the Transporter

If anybody wants to support me with my “faulty items” :innocent: just let me know

Happy weekend to everybody


I have a boom as well as a sqeezebox 3 in Roon for years.

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I have two Squeezebox Radios coupled to Roon. No issues

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