Please don't truncate Album names

My compromise would be to let the row height grow and show a multi-line title rather than enforce the grid layout. The three records to the right in the top row are Vol1, Vol2, and Vol3.


+1 for this.

Yes - either that or a scrolling title. I have three different versions of Sgt. Pepper but have to tap into each one to discover which it is.


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Agreed. remember having a long running with Sonos over just this. If you have a list of violin sonatas, or whatever, the crucial bit of information is often at the end (e.g. No. 11). If that is truncated you are left guessing or counting.

+1000 A major concern for classical albums, whose titles tend to be somewhat long.

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+1 here too!

+1 here as well. :+1:

+1 I use Roon for classical music, and almost all my albums have their names truncated in the album grid view.

+1 from me too. I’ve given up voting, long live +1.

+1 yes please

+1… already at my vote limit.


Maybe the truncation style of macOS could be good alternative. There you can see the beginning and end of a string and the letters in between are replaced by …

But multi line titles with an adaptive grid would be the best. Or a flexible grid size.