Please explain search

I was looking for some tunes this morning and noticed this. Maybe someone can explain this to me.

I searched for “Think of One,” an early Monk tune (also the name of Wynton’s first album). I started on Tidal and got 10 “track” results:

Doing the same search in Roon, then clicking on “Tidal Tracks”, gives me 34 results, many of which just have random words in common from all fields: “The Coming of the One” by “Think Pink” from the album “Twink”, for example. (Q. 1: How do I limit to exact matches? Putting the phrase in quotes doesn’t help. Q. 2: What order are these in? It isn’t obvious. Can I reorder so that exact matches are all at the top of the list?) If I look at the exact title matches, I count 11 in Roon (as opposed to Tidal’s 10). The results are quite different–for example, in Roon there’s a track “Think of One” by Kris Gears from an album of the same title; Tidal doesn’t include that one. There are several other examples of tracks Tidal lists but not Roon, or that Roon lists but not Tidal–even though I am now looking at Tidl tracks. In particular, Roon lists NO (Track) versions with Thelonious Monk, who wrote the tune. (There is however a “composition” credited to Monk, but the link goes to the track by Wynton Marsalis, from the album of the same name.

Can someone help me make sense of this?


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Funny, I was just marveling at the intelligent soft search when I searched for “Don’t think twice, it’s all right” and it also found “Don’t think twice, it’s alright”.

I have found several such examples of different spelling of covers.
Soft search is very important.

Hi Jim,

I’m not aware of how the Roon guys programmed the search feature, however, when I do a search for common words, I like to add more key words to the search.

In your example, Think of One, those are really common words. So, I would add Monk to it.

Try searching Think of One Monk and see if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg, I’ll try that.