Please fix the annoying load behavior

When loading a new “page” in the client, you’re very often presented with items and album art that immediately get replaced, making it impossible to interact with those “fast load” items. This is most annoying in the semi-randomized views like genre or discovery, where I’ve noticed album art load in for items that don’t seem to exist once the full page is loaded. Sometimes the items I see in the split second of loading are things I want to dig into deeper, but I can no longer find once loading is complete. I think it would be a better experience overall if it took slightly longer for UI elements to appear, but they were guaranteed to stay put once loaded. An alternative would be to pre-calculate the layout and place items at their final locations, rather than just allow the layout engine to “flow” items as they become available. As it is, the items that load quickly don’t stay put long enough to interact with and the experience is jarring. I run into this issue on Windows, OS X, and iOS. I have no idea if it also happens on Android, but I would assume so.

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Any update on this behaviour? I was using the iOS app quite a bit tonight and ran into this issue. Several times, I accidentally activated an item that replaced the thing that I was actually trying to tap.

I agree. While I don’t think this is top priority, it is contrary to an experience with a polished piece of software.

I don’t remember seeing this behaviour at all. Just out of interest when do you see this so i can go have a try?

I see it intermittently when I click Discover. After clicking, there is, for a split second, a different page, with different content, before the final Discover page loads. My feeling is that the split second page is not the same as something that was there last time I was at the Discover page, but it can be difficult to reproduce - seems to just happen sometimes. As I mentioned, it certainly isn’t high on my list of things to address, but it casts a little doubt on the software having a polished feeling.

Could be caused by some sort of buffering ? I’ve seen this too…and wondered…

But if you want it addressed, you need to raise it to @support

Yep, would if it was a priority. I don’t want to distract the developers from 1.4. Would much rather see that behavior and have MQA unfolding…

On iOS, it happens a lot when I do searches. If you do a search, it seems like something about the way the results page is laid out causes the “Top Result” area to load later than everything else and then maybe pop in and out of existence once or twice, causing everything below it to change position rapidly 2-3 times before everything settles down.

On the desktop client, if you go to the “Discover” area, you’ll often get an entire page of content that quickly disappears and is replaced by other, completely different content. I think it’s particularly annoying in this case, because the original content sticks around long enough for you to register interest, but it’s completely absent from the completely loaded page.