Please fix this inconsistency

thank you in advance :wink:

btw… I do believe second scenario is better: no need to expand comment to unhide part of those infos


I’ve also seen this, why is this the case? Is the second album ‘unidentified’ or is there just no biography notes available hence the alternative view? Another unexplained 1.8 quirk

You may have noticed that the first format is used when there is some review of the album and the second when there isn’t. So, not really inconsistent. The second would not work well when there is review text as it would likely require scrolling to see. I prefer the first if there is to be just one format.


you mean… this way? adding even more empty space in v1.8? and moving downwards tracks list so… you’ll definitely always have to scroll to see it? :grimacing:

in 1.7 everything was as in second example :wink:

The information in the red circle could be placed to the right of the album title - lots of wasted space there. The fact is that the stacked display (like the one in the red circle) is far easier to read than stringing everything into one line (I know because I have worked professionally on these issues for over 20 years and have plenty of data from many languages to prove it). And, as far as I can tell, users are almost always going to have to scroll to see all the tracks in any case.


I’m in a hurry to explain.
I heard somewhere that - I quote: “symmetry is the aesthetics of idiots …:wink:
Somebody wrote here, that the Roon interface is not as artistic as could be - this lack of symmetry may be an element of artistry?

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won’t do on phones and (maybe) tablets

something else that, hopefully, will be fixed in a future release :wink:

The first thing that the eye catches on that screen is the album image. The way that the highlighted information was shown in 1.7, right below the picture was perfectly equilibrated both aesthetically (is not centered) and functionally (was very easy to find it since it was connected to the main element on the screen which is always there)


Symmetry and inconsistency are not the same. You can be symmetrically inconsistent or consistent asymmetrically or any other combination!

won’t do on phones and (maybe) tablets

Will do just fine on tablets in landscape mode. Phones and portrait tablets use a completely different layout anyway - one that is better in many ways than the desktop/landscape tablet layout.

… now that Portrait is finally available on every iPad model? :sob:

I like it just fine the way it is although I understand why others might not. It’s a choice. UI design is difficult.

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UI design is, regardless of the personal taste, a very straightforward thing, with well documented and tested rules and with billions of examples to inspire from or at least to see where the past went wrong and where not, so you wont have to repeat others mistakes. The only difficulty is to understand that.

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because not everyone likes searching for the very same kind of information scattered at random in a different location on every “page” and act differently to show it all depending on where it is?

yeah: it’s boring when you already know where to look!!


you can find good schools and teachers instead of trying hard to learn by yourself :wink:

Another inconsistency here. @support
In the discography view focus category “FORMAT” includes MQA Lossy CD Quality HiRes DSD
In my albums FORMAT includes flac mp3 and so on…

I think there should be a new focus category in additon to FORMAT : QUALITY which I think will categorize albums better under some conditions.

QUALITY : 1- MQA 2- Lossy 3- CD Quality (or Lossless) 4- Hires (including DSD and PCM).

FORMAT: the formats FLAC DSD MP3 ALAC …etc

ALso Tidal is not a format

ya, drives me nuts as well those different layouts… Also a pdf booklet isnt really an „Image“.

And why do we get a box asking to select a file to open when we only got one? ‚Clicking bait‘ :relieved: Takes only three lines of code to fix that.

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