Please give us access to Qobuz search

Let’s face it, the search in Roon is somewhere between idiosyncratic, poor, and close to useless.

if is search for “Serenade to Music” in Qobuz the top nine results give me albums containing performances of “Serenade to Music” (by Ralph Vaughan Williams).

If I do the same search in Roon the top result is a track from the work. None of the Albums feature the work, though most have “Serenade” in the title (but not “to music”)

Of the top nine tracks that Roon lists, only one, the fifth, is “Serenade to Music” and is unavailable. The rest are just “Serenade”. If I scroll down the suggested tracks I get “Autumn Serenade” and “Fresquita Seranade” and all sorts, and just occasionally what I asked for, ie “Serenade to Strings”.

You cannot possibly defend, or be proud of, a search that returns “Fresquita Serenade” before “Serenade to Strings” when the search is for “Serenade to strings”.

As for Compositions, Roon returns among others “Serenade to a Cuckoo” and “Serenade to Sweden” but not “Serenade to Music”

This is truly, truly, hopeless. Dysfunctional. Abysmal. Unacceptable. No good. A joke if it wasn’t so annoying.

Since Qobuz does a much better job of return reasonable results to simple searches, will you please pass the search through to Qobuz when it is done in the Qobuz section of Roon?

And then fix the search in Roon.

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I support this request. In the Qobuz tab the search could well be the Qobuz search as it is offered by the Qobuz SDK. It is very fast in 3rd party implementations like Devialet Spark and iPeng and returns the same hits like the Qobuz native app. In the Tidal tab then Tidal search could be implemented. In the other tabs, e.g. Albums the Roon search could act either on local files only or as global search in all databases. This would make Roon really great!


That makes it even more reasonable to ask for this. Qobuz already provide the interface, it should be straightforward for Roon to exploit it. I’m paying for Qobuz and a Roon. I don’t expect to lose functionality. The Roon search is just not good enough. And it is often very, very slow.

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Yes, not only the Roon search is slow, but also the start of a track in comparison to Qobuz desktop app.