Please help me with “work” groups within albums


I have been struggling for hours on making “WORK” grouping… work.

Somehow I had managed to make it work a while ago but cannot managed to make it work again.

My goal: I am trying to create “work” grouping for multiple disc sets (BTW I wonder why that is not already in Roon’s database).
Here is an example that worked:

A part of the answer was adding a “WORK” attribute containing the sub-title in the file meta-data:

Another part of the answer was shaking Roon software hard enough so that it reads this attribute and does something with it.

I am trying to make that work again with no luck.
I am obviously missing something here.

Could anyone help?


Found it: you need to have a “Disc Subtitle” field as well (same value as the “Title” field).

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