Please help restore playlists


REcently my MOBO died and CPU died. I had to rebuild my server. When I went to restore from Dropbox even though I’d told Dropbox to do automatic backups it had done it only once when I first purchased the Dropbox account.

So there was no current backup.

I rescanned the library. Everything going well except playlists are gone.

Is there a way to restore the playlists? Are they hidden somewhere in ROON Sever?

Hello @Sgr,

Can you clarify which playlists are you missing:

  • Playlists from M3U files
  • Playlists from iTunes XML file
  • Playlists from TIDAL account
  • Roon’s own playlists created within the app ( the ones you’ve created in previous DB ? )


They are the playlists made inside ROON. Ive kissed them good bye. I no longer trust ROON and Dropbox. One can not depend on the two for automatic backups even though when setup Dropbox and ROON seemed to ne ok with the setup and the backup times i setup. When my SSD and MOBO crashed i was confident I would be able restore from Dropbox. NOT! Makes me wonder why i subscribe to Dropbox.