Please improve the album editor

Roon is identifying a fair number of albums in my collection correctly, no intervention from my side needed.
However I am struggling with the following:

At the beginning of my ripping days, I used to combine all the movements of a symphony or act of an opera into one big file (no roon then, I was still browsing at a track level).
Tonight I cleaned up two albums as follows:

  • I identified the album in question (i.e. the Zinman / Strauss Boxset with 7 CDs)

  • I then proceeded to move my symphonies and other pieces to the correct place corresponding to the roon metadata. The boxset contains 66 tracks, so moving my combined tracks around took around 10 minutes

Now roon shows the correct 7 disc boxset and it shows approximately correct metadata. Symphony Nr 1 is listed as movement one of symphony nr 1, because that is where I put the file. I can live with that.

Extrapolating these 10 minutes for a large box set to several hundred boxsets results in quite some time to clean up.

I can see several ways to get around this (starting with the least attractive for me):

  1. I can re-rip all my classical CDs and then re-import them into roon (probably several weeks of work)
  2. If the disc editor had an easy way of moving the files around, the job would me much easier. In the boxset I described, I had to move some of the items by around 50 positions, which obviously takes a lot of time. I imagine some sort of grab and pull
  3. Really elegant would be an wizard (which only comes into play when an album is identified and the number of tracks on disc is very different from the number of tracks in the roon metadata. This wizard might work like this
    — first it would try to identify tracks on disc that have the same duration as tracks in the metadata and match them
    — secondly it would try to match words in the file’s tags or filename and match them with the track groups (such as symphony nr 1)
    — thirdly, once it has identified symphony number one, it might even place cuepoints for the movements. This way the roon metadata would be fully available, and the individual movements could even be accessed although the file contains the full symphony

I am fully aware that this is probably not a problem the majority of roon users have. I would be very happy with an elegant way to move around the files in an identified album, so that the job of aligning the files with the metadata tracks could be done in a few seconds.

Thanks a lot for considering this request