Please include a SPL meter on the tablet app

I’ve heard you’re working on a DSP function to be included with ROON in the future. I think that’s a great idea.

Many audiophiles have little idea how loud they actually play their stereo systems. Our ears are bombarded by loud sounds through out the day. Many people will suffer or are now suffering from ringing in the ears or tinnitus.

There are several good SPL programs available on IOS or Android as separate apps. ROON could have a built in digital decibel meter activated ROON is used. The microphone is bolt in these tablets anyway so why not incorporate into ROON.

I monitor this closely in my room using a spare iPhone. It was really enlightening to watch it and use it to monitor SPL levels and prevent possible hearing loss. I was amazed myself at just how loud I was playing my music.

Thanks for listening.

Isn’t this the answer ? Apps are multi-tasking. You can start Roon and look at an SPL meter in another app.

There is an opportunity cost for new features. Development, testing and support resources have to be prioritised. Other features may have to be postponed or cancelled.

Where the capability exists using other apps, why should resources be spent on re-inventing the wheel in Roon ?

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here here!

Hey just a suggestion. I use the apps myself. Many may not know about them at all. Don’t know. I already gave a DSP system myself.

It would seem to me an spl measurement systems like be built into roons DSP

As far as features I don’t need DSP but some may. I’m sure adding DSP will incur costs, processing g power and more CPU resources which may impact sound quality.
Just trying to prevent hearing loss from many who are unaware. I wish I’d had such info years ago.

It’s a shame apple and such don’t incorporate the OSHA hearing guidelines into their volume control for headphones. Etc. Stereos aren’t much good if you can’t hear by 40 or so

Most people are just unaware.


(sorry, just couldn’t help it…)

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