Please leave my tags alone

I went through a lot of trouble getting Roon to match all my tags. Now it seems some of the tags are randomly changing to what Roon thinks they should be. This is partially my fault, but I want the Artist tag for classical to be the last name of the composer. I don’t want Aaron Copland, I want Copland etc.
Nowhere can I find a choice for Artist where I can choose Prefer Roon or Prefer File. A choice does exist for Album Artist, but not Artist.

Thanks for any help. Rich

If you go into Settings and look under the “General” tab, there is an option to sort composers and/or Artists by last name :slightly_smiling_face:

I know this isn’t album artists, but it has the same affect on my library. If you look at the Roon Tag Best Practices page, it mentions that you should use names in their proper arrangement when writing tags, instead of putting the last name first due to how Roon recognizes the names. You can then tell Roon to use the last name first as I mentioned above.

Your screen shot are the defaults, of which you can override, go view an album that is not right and send a picture, then edit that album and send a picture of the top 3 fields, like my examples

From my perspective, Tags are the green fields on the bottom.

From an Edit screen, what is checked for the album that is wrong?

Thanks for your suggestion. The reason I have not fiddled with those General settings for Artist names is because I don’t want say… Miles Davis to be Davis, Miles. The reason I use only the Last name of the composer for classical is because that’s how people know these people.

An example would be when I discuss music at the health club with other music enthusiasts. So the guy or gal asks me if I like Miles Davis and of course I say yes. Then he or she asks me do you like Beethoven and of course I say yes. They do not ask if I like Ludwig van Beethoven.

So if I asked someone if they know the first name of the composer Barber how many would be able to answer that question correctly?

A good example of what I don’t like when Roon tries to insert the correct metadata for artist is what happened just yesterday. I added another track to the Gershwin collection ( George Gershwin ). I had 27 albums of Gershwin prior to adding the new album. When I looked for the new addition it was under Gershwin, but there was only 1 album and the artist photo was missing. I looked under George Gershwin which did not exist. Finally found it under Ira Gershwin. What!! So I put them all under Gershwin and added the artist photo again. Hopping it stays that way.

I understand why Roon would want the composer with first then last name so all the information about the composer can be provided, but I have yet to read any of this and if I wish I can look it up on line if needed or read the PDF liner notes if available.

Thanks for your input. I have become very familiar with the album edit screen. That is where I corrected all the classical albums by editing the Artist name if necessary and adding Orchestra, Conductor & soloists if needed. What I don’t like is when Roon disrupts some of that time consuming work. I can tell which ones have been change by Roon because I have created an Excel document that logs all my metadata work.

Thanks for all who have any input on this subject. Rich

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Roon understands Composer but with limits

1 the Composer Tag not Artist etc
2 as Ludwig van Beethoven or Beethoven, not Beethoven , Ludwig van with or without dates

If you are committed to Roon maybe add a Composer tag and Copy your surnames to it

Without being rude it makes no sense to have Beethoven as the Artist , however we may have loved to hear him play

I feel the same about using last names for Classical, but I usually clean all that up after my initial RIP, before I Import.

I was concerned about you stating that Roon modified your Metadata, I didn’t know that was possible, without you forcing a re-scan or Identify. I found this link, perhaps Roon support can weigh in:

Roon does not write to your files

It may be its altering your selected settings , although it shouldnt, but definitely not any tags you have set in your media files

All Roon info is held in its db file on your C drive

Sorry for the poor choice of subject titles. I don’t mean that Roon is overwriting my tags. what I’m saying is Roon is changing the metadata within Roon for artists I have already edited. The above Gershwin example is one that explains this. Months ago I edited the George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin artist, or whatever Roon had designated it at the time ( don’t recall ). I changed that artist to Gershwin, added his photo then logged the execution of that process in a Excel file. Gershwin, at that time, had 27 albums. Just the other day I added another Gershwin album. When I looked for it in Roon, the Artist photo for “Gershwin” was missing and there was only 1 album in the Gershwin artist listing.

So the search began for where the 27 other albums were. The logical search choice was George Gershwin which I found did not exist. So I tried a search for one of the albums and found it was under Ira Gershwin. He of course had nothing to do with any of the 27 albums.

I edited the artist back to Gershwin and re-added the composer photo and I hope it remains this way.

All I’m asking is no matter how wrong it may be to use the composers last name for Artist & Album Artist, it is my choice. I only wish that Roon would respect that choice and leave my Artist tag as it is read from the ID3 tags.
I have not used the Composer tag because some servers I’ve used in the past never had that as a sorting choice.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Rich ( I’ll be more careful with subject titles in the future )

It’s your choice to do so, and it’s Roon’s choice to try and match that to the composers that it knows about. I’m afraid it’s a case of like it or lump it. If the path of least resistance is not one that you can contemplate taking, then either you will be in a constant battle with Roon or you accept Roon’s view of the world. If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine, but be prepared to either switch to another product or be constantly irritated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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