Please let Roon continue playback when an audio device is having network trouble

I know that a lot of people have reported problems with Roon stopping playback when one of the devices is having network trouble, primarily with Wifi. I have had the same problem as well. It seems like increasing the buffer helps, but I’m not positive.

My request is: Can Roon please, please just keep playing when one of the clients is having trouble? I almost always play on a group of five devices, some of which have rock-solid connections, and some of which appear to be less solid. I don’t want my entire house to stop playback because of one flaky connection. Can Roon just keep playing on the devices that are working, and maybe try again on the problematic device after a short delay? My network issues are always transient. Whenever I manually resume playback, it will play fine for a while. I would like not to have to manually resume playback.

Thank you.

I’ve moved your post from the Support category of the forum to the Feedback category, as it’s not something that the Support team handles.

All posts in the Feedback category are read by Roon Labs.

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