Please make "add album cover" feature more accessible

Since Roon’s album database is poor, especially for Asian albums, I frequently add album image on my own. (And I guess a lot of other Roon users do this)

But currently I should go into edit > edit album > (scroll) > add image to add album image.
Can you add context menu to add album image when I right click album image of album screen? Currently I get the list of stored album images when I left-click the image, and get nothing when I right-click.

I will be a small but great improvement if you do this!

Roon has no album database. It’s your local albums, Tidal, or Qobuz. Metadata comes from a 3rd party, I think, but I’m not sure who, maybe MusicBrainz.

Excellent idea, should be as easy as right clicking (or touch equivalent) to edit or add more images. Even just dragging a bunch of images onto the album art area to import them would be a nice simple, easy to use and understand feature.

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