Please make DSP changes not pause audio

I’m not asking for Roon to magically start processing DSP faster that it currently does so there is no gap in playback.
My ask is that it continues playing with the current DSP settings (or none) and when an adjustment is made, that it starts processing the stream with the new settings and when the modified stream is ready to start output, not pause the current output.
It’s so disruptive for me to play around with settings that I almost never do it.
Thanks :smiley:

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I get gaps to be expected but I dont recall the playback pausing when changing settings for say upsampling … what settings are you changing?

Only tweaking Parametric EQ. Anything I do temporarily pauses playback. I do not have to press play again. My ask is to get rid of the pause in between tweaks. It is annoying.
<3 Roon other than this.
Pretty please!

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It is much less of an issue on local files vs streaming.

If you want to play around with peq, if possible do your tweaking while playing local files.

Not a solution, but much easier considering the current situation.

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