Please make it NOT skip songs when "audio file is loading slowly" error occurs

+1 yes please

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I would also like the track to just pause/buffer or just stop rather than skip to the next song. This issue doesn’t happen a lot to me, but it is very jarring when it does, because I listen to entire albums at a time and skipping to the next song messes up my entire listening experience, and I always end up just clicking back to the song that skipped, finding where I was at, and listening to the rest of the song (with no further issue).



I completely agree! The skipping is so bad that I’m about to give up on Roon. This happens to me 70% (approx) of the time, and I have a very fast internet 400MPS or more measured on the core Mac Mini.
There is something basically wrong with Roon.


This is not normal behavior. Most of us see this error. I get it maybe once or twice a month. 70% of the time is definitely wrong. I suggest you post in the support forum because there is something wrong with your setup.

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Thank you. I have sent a message through the Roonlab website.
It’s somewhat reassuring that this is not normal.

This is not a function request, please pay attention to and solve it by the ROON team.
When playing local files, I have never encountered such problems. However, this problem often occurs whenever Qobuz and Tidal are connected during peak periods of network usage. I think ROON should not skip to the next track at this time, but should give a certain length of buffer and continue to play the track.


Here’s the thing… if this error occurs while playing a song, which do you find more disturbing - a long pause in the music or skipping to the next song? IMHO, neither is acceptable. If I hear it skip, I get annoyed but there is nothing I’m tempted to do to fix it. But if the music simply stops, then I tend to find the remote to figure out what happened.

I don’t always see the “audio file…” message, but I have had music skip to the next track and I have had the music simply stop - sometime to resume by itself, other times not. None happen more than once every couple days and never enough for me to give up on Roon. Still, it’s annoying.

I would love to better understand what’s causing it… network traffic? competing processes on the Roonserver core? Slow hard disk response? Marginal ethernet cable? Full moon?

I have the same issue and see it as a bug

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The same thing around here. It’s very annoying

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+1 yes please it is annoying.

How should Roon implemement a fix, what do you envision happening?

Either of these options would be preferable:

  1. Pause the track and display a warning. When I click play, it reconnects and tries to resume playing. If there REALLY is an issue with the track and it just won’t play, let me decide whether or not I want to skip the track.

  2. Pause the track and automatically retry. There can be a limit to how many times it retries before it assumes the state described in option 1.

At no point should it every automatically skip to the next track.

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I would add a third, as there must clearly be some who prefer it. Skip to the next track. But my preference is #2 in your list. #1 is almost as irritating, as it requires me to stop what I’m doing and go babysit it.

TL;DR, but I had this problem and it almost drove me crazy. I traced it to my Roon Core–a MAcbook–being too far from my router. So I leave the Macbook in the same room as the router and operate Roon with my iPhone. The problem, which used to be chronic bc I liked surfing web on Macbook while listening to Roon, is now gone. As in, doesn’t happen anymore. I have other issues, which is why I logged into the forum, but not that one! The core needs to have solid wifi. Use your phone as controller. Worked for me. EDIT: stereo system is on different floor than my router, so Macbook stays on floor w router, etc.

It can be any of those, except the full moon. Most often it is a networking problem, which can extend into not having a responsive DNS server (so way outside your home, but you control it).
But, there can be a bunch of other situations where Roon ‘times out’. Slow read from a faulty hard drive, underpowered core trying to do too much. etc.

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Yes, this is very annoying.

I thought it was just me, due to a slow USB HDD.

So, has anyone made any significant change in their setup that eliminated these types of errors? New router, switch to NUC or Nucleus, move music storage from HDD to SSD, faster internet service, better ethernet cabling? I have no problem making such changes if I thought it would make a difference. But these issues may also just be an integral part of streaming music with Roon.

For what it’s worth, I’m running RoonServer on an older i7 desktop PC with Win OS (and Roon) on SSD and integral 4TB SATA drive for I’m using an AT&T supplied Arris modem/router, 300 Mbps service and structured Cat6 ethernet throughout my home. These problems occur maybe once out of every 4 or 5 or so listening sessions. Just frequent enough to verge on annoying.

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There are those who never normally see this, myself included. If I do then, in my case, I know my ISP router is playing up and a reboot resolves the issue. But that’s once a year or less.

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Excellent idea. Missed this thread previously.

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I have just used this script on my little Roon PC, and so far it seems to have made the world of difference regarding the overall performance of the system, and the buffering issue in Roon has gone completely (though I have only been playing with it for 2 minutes)

I also had to reinstall Roon, because nothing was playing at all (skipping past all tracks), but that was very quick, and everything was still configured correctly.

PC specs:
HP EliteDesk 800 35W G2 Desktop Mini PC
Windows 10 Enterprise 1909
Core i5-6500T 2.5GHz

I’m going to disable a bunch of services next, once I’ve found out which ones are unnecessary for me.

Keep us posted over time if this really made a difference. If so, that would imply that Win 10 itself is a big part of the problem. Not sure I buy that since I have seen some ROCK users also report similar problems. Still, it would be fascinating to know what got debloated that made a difference for you.