Please make it remember lyrics text size (and history still don't work all the time)

Currently I have to select the ultra large text size for lyrics twice - once for the time you click the microphone ico, and once for then you select Show Lyrics from track menu.

Firstly I can’t see why these two dialogs can’t share the text size. Secondly would be nice it it remembered this.

I use Roon on large tv and the distance I am away, text is hard to read. Would be great if you could increase Roon’s overall text size as I am certain I am not the only one doing this kind of thing.

But overall, great software.

I still find that the history does not insert every track. You can see that the new now-playing with history is often at odds with the main History.

History should be storing every song PLAYED, it will not show songs skipped. What constitutes a played song, in my library it seems to need about 10% of the track being played to get it onto the History list.

A track is recorded in the history if ANY of the following are true:

  • more than 30 seconds have played
  • more than 1/3 of the track has played
  • the track ended naturally–i.e. the seek position advanced all the way to the end of the track without user intervention

The queue has a concept of “played” that matches this–when it says “Played 100% by 2 hours ago”.

Tracks remain in the queue until you remove them, or the queue exceeds its (large) maximum size limit and tracks are trimmed from the very top automatically. This is unrelated to their played status.

Also note: history is for your profile whereas the queue relates to a single zone. So it’s also possible that tracks are being recorded in different histories depending on who picked them.

The history bug is one that I’ve found on and off for quite some time, and I’ve reported it before, but it’s still happening.

What I find is that it will miss several hours (or more) of playing, even when playing whole CDs etc. I’ve had it broken and have tested it by playing local and tidal tracks. Nothing shows up, even playing the whole track. Restarting the core and/or remotes does nothing. Then it will suddenly start working again. Very strange.

On my system I only have one profile. And only one user :slight_smile:

I do have quite a large history, going back just about two years to the day. It currently says 32247 plays but I guess that doesn’t include the tracks it missed…