Please make search less pedantic

I haven’t had cause to use search much but having just watched episode 2 of the latest series of Luthor I wanted to find the credits track by the band ‘the Cure’. I searched for ‘cure’ without the apostrophes and it returned nothing at all with any Robert Smith involvement, it was only when I searched for ‘the cure’ did anything useful get returned.

Surely ‘the’ should be optional?


Odd – this is what I see when I type in cure:

I’m seeing similar results to what trtlrock is displaying

I’ve investigated this a little deeper - note to self, cut down on wine-fuelled posting :wink:

However, thinking about it, I think I may have a point-ette.

This is what I see when I type in cure and hit search:

The reason that cure appears and then when I click through I get a handful of Cure tracks is because of my tagging. Some compilations tag ‘the cure’ as ‘cure’ and that’s what’s appearing, not all The Cure’s albums.

So, I should really get my tagging accurate but I wonder whether it would be tricky to build the connection between ‘cure’ and ‘the cure’ by comparing track names or some other way of dealing with ‘the’.

I agree, and the problem is more general (Gustav Mahler vs. Mahler, Gustav).

If I recall correctly, the folks at roon are very aware of this, and have a fix somewhere in their list.