Please move the track progress bar off the very bottom of the screen

I use the Roon Remote on an iPad Mini. The track progress bar is so close to the bottom of the screen that if I hold the iPad with one hand I often touch the bar and the song jumps to a different spot. Also, with iOS 11 you cannot drag up from the bottom to bring up the dock. It does the same thing.


Drag up from an area not where the bar is placed :smiley: you don’t need to drag up at the center

Aha! Upon your suggestion, I tried that, but all I got was the little tab with an up arrow. After some experimenting, I discovered that the arrow creates a separate space that I can swipe up from to bring up the dock. So it’s a two step process.


A workaround indeed and 2 steps but I hope it’s helps a bit…that’s how I use it when I need to access it