Please, please, please, reconnect in background

I know this has been discussed but not sure I’ve ever seen an official feature request, so here goes:

Please, please could you reconnect to server in the background. Assuming the data’s cached on iOS (that’s all I use these days), it generally takes me a good few seconds to select a zone, and find what I want to play. By which time the reconnection would have taken place. If I was too quick and got to a point where the server was required, a little thing could pop up then maybe and say ‘waiting for server’.

It would add to the slickness of the experience in my opinion, and speed up getting going from opening the app.



I’m also annoyed at the behavior of reconnecting. It blanks out the screen on my iPad while it does so. I’d rather be able to digest what was on my screen while it connects - then you can refresh the screen (to be safe) but at least I’m not looking at a blank white screen in the meantime…

Seriously? My iPhone 6S+ consistenly reconnects <0,5 sec. (this is on a carefully tried and tested 802.11ac network).

I’ll have to check my wife’s iPad, but I can’t imagine things being much different between the two.

That’s really quick. Phones/iPads in our house average a few seconds, but often 5 or maybe even 10 seconds. And then sometimes requires a restart of the app to connect.

We don’t generally notice this sort of lag re-opening web pages or other apps requiring connection. But if it was in the b/g it wouldn’t really make much difference unless you wanted to adjust volume straight away (often what I use the iPhone for) or press play straight away.

Its hard to time but definitely well less than 1 second for me most of the time with my iPads. From time to time its a bit longer but only a couple of seconds, not sure why.