Please report station errors here

This one’s proving difficult. Roon doesn’t like the stream.

Thanks for trying!

Grrr. Can’t do it. I’ve informed the devs.

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RTE Radio 1

These streams are returning a 404:

The “official” stream is still working:

This one also seems to work (used on Tunein):

Thank you @Joe_C. I’ve updated the Icecast one and removed the dud m3u8 one.

That Tunein one is effectively the same stream as the “official” one.

Great stuff, thanks @BrianW

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Quiet Village radio has been going through some server upgrades and now has a different address. I tried to add this manually but received an error. Here is the new stream listed on their website:


Yes, there’s a bug in Roon whereby https URLs with a port number won’t work.

Never mind, I found the http stream and have added that.

Please check.

Thank you, it is working now.

Do you think the bug will be fixed in an update? the owner of the quiet village radio site says the http stream will be going away and everything will be https. He seemed to think this was happening with most servers with streaming url’s.

I certainly hope so, but I’m just a user like you and not privy to Roon’s future plans. I do know that Roon are aware of the problem.

I agree that https will become the norm in future.

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DaCosta Radio + Libertino Radio are not available anymore…

Hello @Jan_Willem, I’ve added three streams to DaCosta radio.

Libertino radio was not in our database. I’ve attempted to add it but, like you, I cannot find a working stream. The usual one no longer works. They don’t have a website as such, so it’s difficult. I’ll monitor the station and see if a working one appears.

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Naarden, Netherlands
Unable to play this station. Its address may have been changed…

Stream through web browser seems to yield

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Hello @sergiu_dumitru, I’ve changed the stream to the one that @Paul_Bemelmans has found for us. Thank you Paul.

EDIT. That’s the Slam! Nonstop stream. Which one did you want?

Hello, we seem to have lost BBC national radio 320kbps feeds (96 and 128kbps still work as far as I’ve checked). I’m specifically interested in BBC Radios 2,3,4,5 and 6.

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No problem here - I’ve just tried 2,3 and 4.


Hello @sergiu_dumitru, I’ve corrected the ‘SLAM!’ stream URL (we had the Nonstop one for a while). I’ve added all 8 of the associated streams too…

Hello Brian, and many thanks for your quick follow up. I rebooted and the missing streams did reappear. I should have tried that first before troubling you. I’m the IT manager for my nearest and dearest and rebooting is one of the things I suggest if they have a problem. I shall follow my own advice in future!