Please report station errors here

Thank you! I appreciate the effort!

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just updated core and remotes to 1.8. rebooted or restarted everything. all Live Radio stations show as station unavailable - station no longer exists

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Hi Brian,

I’ve got the 320kbps streams for 2,3,4 but your page for BBC Radio 1 doesn’t offer the 320kbps stream, which is there for all other UK BBC stations.

Thanks so much

Missed that one, tks. It should be there now.

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Brilliant. That’s there, thank you. Says 360kbps, which I presume is a typo?

I’ve just checked others, if that’s helpful.

Actually, I was wrong about Radio 4 and Five Live too! The HQ stream is missing.

And BBC 5 Live Sports Extra is missing altogether - saying the station is no longer available?

Thanks so much Brian.

Fixed those too. Tks.


Hi, isn’t working anymore

the tunein link: RadioJAZZ.FM | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn
and stream address

Pleaase fix it if you can :slight_smile:

Yes, streams changed. Added the b stream too. Should be OK now.

Unfortunately it didn’t work. Both streams are like this:

Ok, sorry about that. The Roon stream tester is not working so I had to make an assumption. It’s not clear whether this problem is deeper than that (difficult with things down).

Let me work on it.

Ok, @Stanislaw_Chmielewsk, found a working stream. Try now

@BrianW this is working but stream isn’t from my from Poland :slight_smile:
I think this is some Chinese radio :smiley:


[mp3 @ 0xb3078000] Skipping 145 bytes of junk at 0.
Input #0, mp3, from ‘’:
icy-br : 128
icy-description : Airtime Radio! Stream #1
icy-genre : genre
icy-name : Airtime!
icy-pub : 1
icy-url :


Input #0, mp3, from ‘’:
icy-br : 192
icy-description : Airtime Radio! Stream #1
icy-genre : genre
icy-name : Airtime!
icy-pub : 1
icy-url :

Something weird here…
…but you’re right.

I’ll have to look further.

Got it!
Try now.

Now it works!!! Thank you so much :grinning:

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Sublime Fm doesn’t work anymore…

Yes, Classic (i.e Pure) and Arrow had changed.
Sublime should still be same.

Try now.

sorry, Sublime FM still doesn’t work. Same for Arrow.

All of
Sublime Classic Jazz
Sublime presents Arrow Jazz FM

work for me. Do you have problems with any other stations?

I don’t know if a number of UK stations have moved, but Magic, London 105.4FM doesn’t seem to be available beyond the very low bit rate stream.

When tuning to most Greatest Hits Radio stations in the UK, there is a message asking you to retune.

And whilst on nostalgia…Boom Radio? :joy: