Please report station errors here

You’ve come across a temporary issue in Roon servers whereby geo-restricted streams are incorrectly blocked to everybody. I’ve taken off the flag for now on both Magic stations. Try now.

As for Boom, for a similar reason, I can’t add any stations to the database at the moment. However, you can add to my live radio, so add to your stations. You will need to give it a name, but should work OK.

Thanks Brian,

Magic working well, and just trying Boom.

Look forward to future updates, but for now 1.8 is looking and sounding great.


Not one of my dutch radio stations is working

NPO Radio 5 is unfortunately not working anymore.

LIVE Radio is not working for me at all this morning

Something’s gone wrong with Roon’s radio servers. It’s happening to everyone. I’ve told Roon.

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Hope that somebody can fix it.

Roon are on the case

Should be working now. See

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Hi, my local public radio Roon stream does not work:
This link works in a browser:
It would be great to stream this station through Roon rather than my browser.
BTW, this has always been true and is not a Roon 1.8 issue.

Thank you. I’ve changed the stream. Try now.

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Perfect! Thank you!!

Seems that the streams urls from Slam! network (Netherlands) are changed again…

Yes. Changed to aac. Check now.
(Let’s hope they’ve stopped messing about)

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All offical Danish Radio channels are gone…

Hello @Michael_Callesen, they seem OK to me. Are other, non-Danish, stations affected? Has anything changed in your system? Have you rebooted?

They are there again after a reboot. :slight_smile:

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Radio Paradise was gone too, but it is also there again after the reboot. :slight_smile: