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Hello @Walter_van_Langeveld , welcome and sorry about the misidentification. I’ve changed the streams - try now.

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Hello Brian,
Amazing, things are working really perfect now.


I’ve tried to add my favorite radio stations which I had already succesefully added to ‘Node streamer.’
I’ve added exactly same URL which I used them to Node Streamer, but only 3 stations were added and remaining 3 stations are still fail to add.
I don’t understand why these result occurred to the Roon. Can you solve my these problems?

My favorite station’s URL are,
KBS 1Radio : ----Success!
KBS Classic FM : ----Success!
CBS Music FM : —Success!

SBS Power FM : ----Failed
SBS Indie20 FM : ----Failed
MBC FM4U : ----Failed

Those last 3 playlist URLs point to .m3u8 chunked streams which Roon has problems with - some work, some don’t.

I’ll have a look this afternoon and see if I can find some alternative streams for you.

Hello @BRIAN_LEE1 , I’ve searched but have not been able to find alternatives. Sorry.

Roon is aware of the problems with HLS streams.

The Lot Radio appears to be playing in Room, but I’m not getting any audio. All of the other Live Radio stations I have are working fine.

Something strange going on there. The stream is active but transmitting silence.
If I go to the website, the audio stream in their souce code doesn’t work and indeed, the option is greyed out on the website. I’ve tried other streaming services (e.g. Tunein) but they don’t work either.

The video stream works but Roon can’t handle that.

Perhaps the issue is temporary - I’ll monitor for a while.

The website stream is now working and I’ve added it to the database.

I appreciate your kind support. Very impressive!

But I’m still having problems to add last 3 url. I can see the red warning as
" Roon cannot find the radio with this URL".

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Sorry for any confusion @BRIAN_LEE1 , my post above was to Vince_Ashwill.

Those URLs you are having trouble with will not work I’m afraid. Roon currently can’t deal with those chunked streams. And unfortunately I was not able to find alternatives. .

Worked great for a couple days - now back to streaming with no audio.

That’s disappointing - it’s streaming silence on the web site too.

OK, BrianW, Thanks. I’ll keep to find solutions.

Twang City seems to have a broken link

Hello @BRIAN_LEE1 , it appears the station is no longer transmitting - at least I couldn’t find a working stream at the site or anywhere else. I’ll monitor for a while and see if it returns.

Hello @Vince_Ashwill - The Lot Radio is working again. No explanation that I can see.

Can confirm. Thanks for the update.

The funny situation is that whenever I select the same station on my Blue Sound’s Node streamer, it works properly, and I enjoy it.
When I put those URL into the Node, there were no problems.

I’m afraid that’s how it is at the moment until Roon upgrades its HLS decoding. Sorry.

It was silence when I checked this morning (UK time), but started at 2pm (9am EST).

I’ve set up a cron job to monitor. Perhaps it’s working hours only.