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Hi @BrianW Brian! On stations Frequence 3 with Flac streams, playback stops after a few songs. Check what’s wrong, please.

Hello @Vadim_Lvov , I hesitate to say something may be wrong with the stream as I am away from home for a few days and do not entirely trust my internet connection. Thus I can’t let it run for a period without getting dropouts anyway.

Analysing the stream content doesn’t appear to show any issues.

Are other (flac or otherwise) streams OK?


the urls for the streams of my favorite radio station SWR2 seem to be outdated. I found the following urls to be working at the moment:


Could you please fix that? (Or can I do that myself? If yes: How?)

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Oliver

Hello @OliverB , I have updated the URLs with the ones you provided. Thank you very much.

I believe everything is OK but I can’t really test as I am away at the moment and the internet is not very good.

Hello again @Vadim_Lvov , I’m back with my system now and I’ve played Fréquence3 for 20 mins or so and no problems. I did notice that the published streams for those stations have changed so I’ve updated them in the database. Perhaps that will help.

While I was there, I’ve added Fréquence3 Dance and Fréquence3 World to Roon.

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Thanks, Brian :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Having trouble with the stream for The Lot Radio. Get the following error: “Unable to play this station. Its address may have changed, or it may be temporarily unavailable.” Plays fine outside of Roon. Any help appreciated, thanks.

It’s an infuriating stream. See my post above where we noticed it coming and going on their website too.

My cron job has shown it continuing to be intermittent - and at the moment the (audio only) stream is not playing on their website - in fact the audio server used does not have the necessary mount set up.

The video stream is OK but Roon can’t use that.

I’m inclined to remove it from the database if it doesn’t reappear soon.

Thanks, appreciate the info. Will hope it comes back.

I also came to share that The Lot Radio isn’t working. is also broken

Changed it for you. Try now.

Internet Radio Tomorrowland
Isn‘t working maybe URL has been changed

Internet Radio can’t find station
It’s an deep hose radio (DHR) station from Ireland

Also missing
But as member i could manually add the URL to FLAC URL

Described here:

Hello @Michael_Graf , I’ve updated Tomorrowland. Should be OK now.

Searching for Deep House Radio DHR works for me.

We have The Jazz Groove Mix #1 and The Jazz Groove Mix #2 but the flac streams are member only. They need to add the stream to my live radio using the method you used. There’s a thread about it…


Forth 1 (UK → Scotland → Edinburgh) not working for two days. Unable to play this station, it’s address may have changed or it may be temporarily unavailable message displayed.

Hello @Ian_Oliver , I’ve updated the streams. Try now.

I think you’ve swapped Forth 1 and Forth 2 (sister stations) but Forth 2 is now streaming (but under the Forth 1 label). Forth 2 gets the "unable to play this statioon message. Nearly there.

Whoops. Sorry about that - following links in the source and I picked the wrong one.

Both should be OK now.

Both working now. Thanks Brian.

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None of these work

KZUU, r180 and indie x fm

thanks :slight_smile: