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Hello @ssssjunkmail , the station KZUU doesn’t seem to be working at all - their website stream fails.

I don’t know r180, can you give me some more information please?

indie X FM wasn’t in our database - but I’ve added it now.

I swear I got r180 and indie x from Roon :slight_smile: but I guess not. KZUU is flakey but I can get there from bluos, so you can ignore that one.

r180 web site =

thanks for all the stuff you do brian.

New Wave radio added. I’ve added r180 as a keyword so a search for that should work too.

KZUU still off air.

Hi I’m trying to Listen a radio
I have tuneln link and i can add this radio with this link
Aspen 102.3 (Buenos Aires), FM Aspen 102.3 FM, Buenos Aires, Argentina | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn
But listen radio reports error
any help?

Hello @Rosa_Delia_Gomze_Dur , i think I’ve found an alternative, and added ASPEN 102.3 ,though it seems unreliable here in the UK.

Can you try please?

Thank you!!! it’s working now

Hello, No luck getting WIFT (Harrisburg, PA 89.5 FM) to stream for me. The TuneIn link is accepted in Live Radio but reports “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load” when I start the stream.

The direct stream for WITF isn’t accepted by Live Radio, it just sits there with “Adding…” for a long time.
These links work fine in my Windows 10 browser, and all of the existing Live Radio links I’ve tried work fine through my Roon Core. Thanks

The standard stream has a redirect which currently causes Roon problems. I’ve added an alternative and WITF is now in the database. Please check.

I apologize if I messed this up again - I removed the duplicate WITF in My Live Radio, and it’s still not working for me.

You didn’t mess up - I did. I didn’t set the publish flag.

Try now, and apologies.

Getting close now, it plays but no sound is coming through. I tried this one and it worked:

Strange, it worked for me. Anyway, I’ve added the .aac stream (thank you) so you should be OK now.

(Do you have problems with mp3 streams on other stations?)

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Thanks, your work is appreciated. Other mp3 streams are working for me.


German Radio Station “N-Joy” does not work anymore. Probably the stream location has been changed. I found those two which are working for me.



For some reason we had this station twice in our database. One worked, one didn’t. I’ve sorted it out now.

My apologies; please try again now,

Works. Thank you!

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Ibiza Global Radio is not working in roon, but the stream url works.

Weird. It didn’t work for me either and I couldn’t see any reason why not. Re-assigned the stream and seems OK now.

Hi Brian,

still not working. :slightly_frowning_face: