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Hey @BrianW and the live curators team,

I wanted to talk about KUAF 91.3 Public Radio from Fayetteville, AR.

  1. Would it be possible to add it in Roon? Apparently, a number of Roon subscribers are reaching out to the radio station to have it added in Roon. How great, isn’t it? The TuneIn link is this one:
  1. This station can be added as a custom live radio station, but invariably (for me and at least another user), this error pops up, making it impossible to listen to the radio station:

Do you have any visibility over why this is? My location is the US. The user’s location is the UK.

Thanks a million :blush:

Hello @beka , I’ve added
KUAF HD2, and

for you.

(The problem is that the advertised stream uses https plus port numbers and Roon can’t deal with those - a long standing bug. I’ve found alternative http streams)


Hey @BrianW,

I’m blown away :wind_face: by your kind and immediate help. Thank you @BrianW :pray:

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@beka please support internally the resolution of this long standing bug. Lots of stations can’t be added to Roon (whereas they work fine with other musing players or even simple web brosers).
Also please support the solving of « Missing metadata in now playing screen for Live Radios on mobile » bug.

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Thank you BrianW and Rebeka!!! Working great. Made my wife so happy…Looks like my trial will turn into a long term relationship!

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Hey @alec_eiffel,

Thank you for sharing your sentiments here. Please be assured that these issues are being addressed and that the devs are working on this. We apologize that we’re unable to offer specific timelines on bug fixes other than to say tickets are in on these matters. We do appreciate your patience.

Please continue to let us know when you hit a snag when trying to add a custom station and we’ll happily take a look.

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i also expereince issues running my standard stations:

Maybe there is an option to repair this?

Hello @Rantanplanary , I’ve just tried those stations (although the last are ones you added yourself) and didn’t have any problems.

Are you having problems with all stations or just those? Has the problem just started?

What core are you using and have you rebooted everything?

Hello Brian,

thanks for the quick reply

Just checked and i found the issue is with all stations.

I realised few days ago…

im Using Qnap NAS and rebooted yesterday evening the last time…

hopefully my answers are any help?

I believe there has been a recent upgrade to the Qnap package and it looks like you may have lost your copy of ffmpeg.

Can you reload it? If not we need to bring in the Qnap guru.


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ffmpeg did the trick… thousand thanks…

Hello Brian - My favorite Live Radio station 106.3 MAC-FM (Smooth Sailing - Onaway Michigan USA) will no longer work on Roon. It works fine on all other streaming options but will not work on Roon… Is this something that can be corrected?

Hello @EaglesMan, I’ve changed the URL. Try now.

Radio station KGMI, Bellinghm, WA, AM 790 not working, get the message “playback was interrupted because a track failed to load.” Works fine using Tunein.

Hello @antonmb , this station was not in our database - did you add it yourself?

Never mind, I’ve added it. Search for KGMI with the magnifying glass.

It’s US only.

Yes, sorry about that, I just realized that I had added it manually but the url was no longer working. Thanks for adding it.

Working. Fantastic! Thanks BrianW!


Clubbers Radio is now sending from Zeno. So the Homepage/Stream are wrong.

Homepage: Redirecting...

Hello @Basti and welcome. I’ve updated the info, thank you very much.