Please report station errors here

I’m having trouble with WMOT out of Nashville. Here’s the error I’m getting:

Thanks for any help!

Hello @Peter_Zwiefelhofer , I’ve updated the URL. Try now.

Works! Thank you!!!

KSFR is not working tonight … maybe the URL needs updating? Thanks so much for doing what you do.

Hello @Cornelia_Davis , you’re right - the URL had changed. I’ve updated it, try now.

Fixed. Thanks again and happy holidays.


Would you please reset WHYY Philadelphia? It seems to be glitchy since the last Roon update. Thank you!

Hello @Chris_Gibson , I’ve checked the stream and it seems OK. What sort of “glitches” are you getting?

Is it just that stream?

Thanks, @BrianW - it seems to be working fine now. I couldn’t get it to stream on my one of my PC endpoints, so it must have been an issue with my setup. I upgraded to Windows 11, and have been having a few unusual issues. Thank you for responding so quickly.

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This was working a few days ago but not right now … please help :fearful:

Hello @Montgomery_Campbell, I’ve just tried the station and it seems fine. I’ve added another stream but as far as I can see there should be no problem.

Is it just this station? Has anything changed in your setup?

hi … I deleted this station and then searched it and then added it back … NOW working. I have not changed my setup one iota !!

Hmm, that’s odd. Never mind - I’m pleased things seem OK now.

Hi, it seem „radioeins vom rbb“ changed their streaming URLs. The current ones just play a notification message. URL information can be found here: Thank you for updating.

Hello @Stephan_Aier , thank you for the information. I’ve updated the streams, try now.

Thank you Brian. Much appreciated.

Hi Brian - Thanks again for updating the URL, although it works the sound quality it is significantly lower than it was prior to having to be “re-linked”. I was just wondering if there were any other possible links that might provide better SQ? Cheers!

I’ve checked again - can’t find anything better than the vbr .m3u8/aac stream (as the website uses). I did find a 64k mp3 though which does show metadata…

Hi Brian,
first of all, thank you for all the efforts you put into this! :slight_smile:

And secondly, would it be possible to add a 320kbps for the national Swedish P2:
This channel transmits live concerts of mainly Jazz and Classical and this stream sounds relly nice!

And, while i’m at it, i cant seem to find P1 at all?

I’ve added the 320k stream to P2, thank you.

The station P1 should be there.

(It should also appear in the ‘Sweden’ locations category of Live Radio. A further alternative is to search for Sverigesradio which will bring up all those stations.)

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