Please report station errors here

It’s now using Audacy as its audio server, which makes things difficult. I’ve added a new stream (US only) although I’m not confident. Can you try now?

Couldn’t get it to work. “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”. Thanks for trying though!

Ok, I believe it should have, and so I’ll inform the Devs.

In the meantime, I’ve added a stream with an explicit token. This may not continue to work - but let’s try.

Works! Thanks very much!

KROQ HD2 won’t play

Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load

Thanks in advance for your assistance

Ok, I’ve done the same as with KROQ and added a stream with an explicit token. Let’s see if it continues to work.

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Works for a few minutes, drops out, then works for only 5/6 seconds. No Metadata when it does work. Station plays fine on NAD M33 using BluOs metadata as well.

Thanks for your help

WNCW Spindale NC USA no longer working

Hello @OffRode , apologies, I seem to have missed your reply.

I am having trouble with this station…
I have added a stream which may work for you, although it doesn’t for me. Try now.

Edit:. I think adverts mess it up.

Hello @AC_STRATTON , I’m sorry - I can’t find a stream that works in Roon. I’ve tried three different ones but no go.

I’ll inform the Devs.

Hello again - I found a stream.

that works, but only 64k?

I’m afraid so, but it is aac

Hello, I found the following errors for SF Bay area 102.9 KBLX radio:

They also have an additional sister station at KBLX-HD2 (playing older “old school R&B” than main one) at (Old School 102.9 HD2 - 102.9 KBLX)



Hello @Foubarre , I’ve fixed KBLX for you, and added KBLX - HD2. Please check if OK.

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Thanks for the lightning fast update!
Just one last detail: KBLX-HD2 has a dedicated URL: “

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Fixed, thank you.

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24-7 reggae doesn’t play. There are various working links on the official website

Hello @dee, I’ve fixed it, try now.

It looks like other 24-7 stations have out-of-date links too. I’ll fix those as well.

Thank you for fixing it so quickly Brian, it’s working now.