Please stop "global-liking" :-/

When I mark as “liked” a given composition in a given (classical: that’s what I mostly listen to and find this behaviour very annoying) album by a given artist/interpreter doesn’t mean I want marked as “liked” the same composition in every album by every artist: I’m only liking that given version by that given interpreter in that given album!

Roon instead… marks it in other albums too :roll_eyes:
(just added a new album and, despite play count being “0”, some compositions show as already “liked”)

an example:

from this album, just added and not yet listened to:

this one is, instead, the version I “liked” (same composition, different album and interpreters):

You might notice that composition total playtime is different meaning these are two completely different interpretations!!!

When you say “liked” - do you mean favouriting by clicking the :heart: or by clicking a star rating?

“hearting”, as you can see in my screensots :wink:

I don’t think I’m seeing this. If I :heart: an album, then that recording is the one that is selected, and only that one. If I :heart: a composition (in the Composition browser), then indeed all recordings seem to get the heart…

Indeed, isn’t this just the distinction between liking an album and liking a composition. If you choose to like the latter, then any use of that composition will go with it.

exactly, and it doesn’t make any sense: one might like a given interpretation and deeply dislike another one of the very same composition

Then like the recordings instead…


you mean the whole album? why should I do that: just to circumvent Roon’s wrong behaviour? :no_mouth:

does it really make any sense, to you, that if you like a given “cover” then you like all the existing ones? or having to like a whole album just for one track*? :roll_eyes:

I see this behaviour as well.

If I heart a single performance of a composition in an album then all performances of that composition are hearted in all albums.

sad part is… if this ever gets fixed (not holding my breath), recovering from the mess it created will be a truly great PITA! :grimacing:

I think that Paolo has a point. In Roon, you can ‘heart’ a track or an entire album, and in the composition browser you can ‘heart’ a given composition. But the thing is that in classical music you listen to compositions as interpreted by different artists, and the compositions in an album track listing should be understood as specific interpretations, and one should be able to ‘heart’ a given interpretation. That’s distinctions Roon doesn’t seem to make.


I’m in the woods with an old cell phone and I am not able to correct my typing errores. Just wanted to add that I never ‘heart’ tracks or compositions, but sure would like to have the ability to ‘heart’ a specific interpretation of a given composition.

Agreed - this looks like a bug to me…

Sounds like PITA indeed.

If you un-heart a composition that this occurred with, does it then un-like/un-heart all of them (I hope this is the case), at least then it would get rid of all the “unknowingly” liked/hearted items…??

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Yes. To me this appears to be a consequence of lacking conceptual analysis with regard to classical music. But correcting this may be not so easy. How would one identify all ‘hearted’ interpretations, how search for a given ‘hearted’ interpretation? Would it be possible to list under a given composition in the composition browser all the interpretations present in the library?

This can be done now - there’s a Library filter button present in the Composition detail pages

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I have never used that and have been away from home for the last couple of weeks, so can’t look at it. But if it is implemented, then it should be not so difficult to allow for lookup of ‘hearted’ interpretations of a given composition. That would be a nice feature to have.

Maybe I am missing something, but the only “compositions” I see is a subheading of “My Library” and i do not see the button you speak of.

Ah, sorry, I was thinking about the list of Compositions you get on a Composer’s page…

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ah, I see that. Thanks.