Please stop including banned items in albums and multi-part compositions in playlists

Roon 1.8 build 814

If I simply play an album or a multi-part composition banned tracks are skipped. That’s as it should be: otherwise, what’s the point of banning tracks?

However, if I add an album or a multipart composition to a playlist, banned items are included in the playlist and played back when the playlist is played.

Please fix it so that banned items in albums and multi-part compositions are treated consistently and skipped both when played directly or played via inclusion in playlists.


In Roon banned tracks are played when explicitly selected, I think if the play list is created by the user and it includes banned tracks they should be played by Roon.

However, I think there’s a good argument to say that tracks should not automatically included in the playlist when the album they are sourced from has them marked as banned.

Explicitly adding them individually should of course should still be allowed.

Hi @Carl,

Thanks for your reply. I can easily agree. What I’d like is consistent behavior from Roon instead of one treatment of banned items in one context and a different treatment in another.