Please stop library deletion if external device is turned off

This has happened to me too many times and is really irritating. I have an external ESATA 20TB storage box and IF I have Roon set to auto start on boot up and the box is turned off my entire library gets rescanned when the external storage is turned on. I have over 400000 tracks and this takes way to long. I come from JRiver and they have an option to “Protect files on missing disks” so the database of files stays intact… That would be an awesome addition to Roon.


An option to tell Roon not to rescan when a particular disk is missing is a great idea.

Hey @Tony_D_Angelo – moving this over to Support so I can get some more information about what’s going on here.

So there are two possible scenarios for what you’re describing:

  • The first is that Roon thinks the files have been deleted, and is actually re-importing them when the drive comes back online. Your edits would still preserved, but in this case, the new albums would be showing up one at a time as each album is imported again, like you’d see with a brand new drive of new content.

  • The second scenario is that Roon is simply re-scanning the drive when it becomes available again. In that case, all your music should show up at once, and then Roon will scan the drive looking for changes, meaning files that have been modified, deleted, or added. In this case, the speed of the scan will be dependent on the speed of your hard drive and its connection to your Roon core, as well as the size of your library (which is definitely on the large size). In our internal testing, we often see a full 300k track collection on a USB3 drive scanned in about 3 minutes.

If the simple act of starting Roon with the hard drive turned off is causing us to “delete” and then re-import all your content, that sounds like a bug and a really annoying one – we’ll take a look in that case.

If what you’re seeing sounds more like the second scenario, then Roon is simply scanning for changes and the speed of that scan will be dependent on your setup. In that case, this is more of a feature request, and I’ll shift this back to that category.

Let me know if that’s clear and either way, thanks for feedback @Tony_D_Angelo!

Sorry for the delayed reply. I am experiencing scenario 1 - Roon is actually deleting the files from the database (according to the logs) and then when the device is turned on reimporting.