Please stop rearranging albums in New Releases For You

So I compile a list with the best albums of each month and I’m posting it in a large audiophile community. To compile this list I use the New Releases For You feature. I order by release date. I listen to each album in that list and if I decide to add it to my list I add it to my library. But here is where there is a problem. Once I added the album to my library the albums in this New Releases For You screen get rearranged making me go back to the start of this list to make sure I didn’t miss any albums. This has annoyed me for months now and I reached a critical point. I can’t take it anymore. I love this feature but it also makes me wanna throw my computer out the window.

Please fix this by removing the album from that list once its added to the library and keep the list as is.

Thank you!

Did you ever think of generating a unique Playlist for each month, your Playlist would remain unchanged regardless of your library content, which is dynamic, and you would also have a historical list of each month via a unique Playlist name.

Not quite a fix that you want, but until you get a solution from Roon, which could be weeks, months years or never, you’ll avoid your frustration issue.

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Interesting idea! I might actually use it. It sill a hassle to create the playlist and delete it once I’m done but its a good alternative. Thank you!

Just keep the Playlists, they probably don’t take much space.

This behavior is normal, Roon displays “by difference”

eg take an Artist, Roon shows the albums in your library then (by difference) those in Tidal. It doesn’t show all the Tidal “duplicates‘. The Version tab on the Album view does that.

The same seems to the case in the recommended albums

Better still create a Tag that will maintain an Album view

Any interest on sharing where you post, and/or would you cross post here in the Music area?