Please suggest cdrom for rock

I am running a new install of rock on my nuc. I bought a usb cdrom drive for it but rock doesn’t seem to see it. I rebooted rock to no avail. I put in a cd, the drive reads it, then ejects it within 5 seconds or so.

Could you suggest any specific cdrom drive that will work with rock? I don’t want to keep buying random drives and they not work.

I did search on this before creating the topic. Just trying to learn as much about this all at once it seems like.

Hi @John_Williams1,

The USB CD drive will need to be Linux-compatible. Outside of that, there aren’t many hardware restrictions.

What is the make/model of USB drive that you’ve most recently purchased?

It was a Rooful cdrom drive, usb. Looking back at the ad, it didn’t mention linux. I ordered one today that is linux compatible.

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