Please supply a “View all albums” option for Composer pages

Music publishers of scores and recordings have known for a long time that it’s useful to be able to package collections of individual compositions. In the case of scores, the practice goes back centuries. In the case of recordings, it’s why we have albums today.

Roon makes use of the concept of album in the “Artists” context and gives us a “View all albums” option for any artist. Unfortunately, Roon makes no use of the album concept under “Composers”, where it would be of equal benefit, particularly in browsing the oeuvre of prolific composers like Bach. Please supply a “View all albums” option for “Composer” pages.

Yes, one can construct such a view using filters in “Albums” and bookmark it, but why force users to construct something so basic and useful for themselves on a composer by composer basis, particularly when the album concept is otherwise so pervasive in Roon?

Speaking of venerable practices and traditions, one form or another of this request has been around at least since 2015 (Search by Composer - Album Display). Moderators are of course free to move this note to that or any other topic. I’m entering a new note here today simply to call attention to how old and how painful this deficiency in Roon is.

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