Please switch all builds of Roon Server from Mono to .NET Core [on roadmap]

Some time around the release of 1.7 Roon replaced Mono libraries in Roon Server builds for RoonOS/ROCK with what I presume is .Net Core. Some posts were made about speed and stability improvements.

From 1.7 Release Notes:

As there are many users running Roon Server on OSX and general purpose Linux they would all benefit from Roon Server builds being switched to .Net Core also. Benefits would include improved performance, better memory management, less need to restart the server… and a better overall user experience.

Please make the effort to provide all your customers with the best possible experience.


As long as the Roon Server installation kit for OSX and Linux is available to customers, I think it’s decent that the kit be updated with current technologies. Indeed, it is not mandatory, but it would improve the customer experience.

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Why is this hidden? Is it untrue?

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It’s incendiary and encouraging pile-ons. This is toxic behavior.

The feature request is reasonable and can stand (or fall) on its merits. It doesn’t require recruiting.


This project is on our roadmap, but very low priority at the moment as this option already exists on Roon OS. If you don’t want or cant afford the Nucleus, we have the free ROCK option. If you don’t want ROCK, then you’ll have to wait.

There is nothing out-dated about Mono. It’s just different to .NET Core. The Mono builds are giving us quite a bit of support for various things generic Linux servers use. .NET Core is no where near as mature as Mono. We were able to tweak Roon OS to make it work, but it didn’t work for many of our generic Linux tests. Also, Microsoft is still building on top of and enhancing Mono.

The same goes for Mac OS support. .NET Core is not even close to being good enough for Macs.


Ok. I don’t know anything about these programing technologies. I only asked because I wondered if it was actually true. If it is, I’m very likely to go the ROCK way instead of running RoonServer on Mac. (Which has not gone smoothly).
I wasn’t trying to fan any flames.

It’s a common misunderstanding of the .NET ecosystem. Hope I’ve helped clarify that.


Thanks for the information and clarification.